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* You are backed by our ownership, for 12 years, of a most prosperous
and successful 1900 phone number business and SOLD OUT
at a most fantastic price -- You can do it too !!!!!

I urge you to lock the door, take the phone off the
hook, kick off your shoes, get comfortable and
It introduces something


Completely Depression Proof
Still only $738 Complete

At the risk of ruining my reputation
For modesty I am going to make a
Rather  Bold  Statement

I now honestly believe
I know more about how to Establish,  Run,
and Increase the Profits of 
a 1900 Telephone Number Business
Than anyone else on earth.



Our interest Free Terms on the 1900 Telephone number
business will enable more Ladies, Gents, City or Country to become independently successful business persons for
the rest of their life.

Click ORDER and see the Interest free terms deal ---
you'll love it!

We  Strongly  Believe  In



Is it the truth ?


Is it fair to all concerned ?


Will it build good will & better friendships ?


Will it be beneficial to all concerned ?

and our answer to them all is FIRMLY  "Y E S"

To Easily Make A Minimum Of  $2,100 per week,  
or  $9,000 per month

This Is The Most Important Message You'll Ever  READ.

William H Grey. JP, BSc., FACI
Member Warringah Chamber of Commerce

Mail to:

PO Box 117, Dee Why, NSW 2099, Australia


8/28 Dee Why Parade, Dee Why NSW 2099, Australia


02 9971 8093


0408 632 935



ABN: 92 171 053 851
We guarantee we will never sell or disclose your personal information.



You may have used the 1900 Services somewhere in your life BUT YOU HAVE NEVER ESTIMATED in your mind the money that can be made from these Numbers ----- well study the Money Chart below ----- it's honest and above board ---- we use it in our business.

I believe in being the dearest person in the business because more people always look for the dearest ---- it's a psychological Australian problem ---- "WE BUY THE DEAREST IT MUST BE THE BEST!!"  --- you've done exactly that hundreds' of times – Haven't You??

Now in our Manual we teach you how to simply boot up the average 10 minute time UP to 20/25 minute average.  SO if you increase the times to say only 20 minutes average ALL the rates BELOW will DOUBLE --- What Do You Think We Do ??!!  BUT NEVER TELL ANYBODY ----- OK.


The Possibilities
Approximate Average Time is 10 minutes @$3.00 per minute

(Round Figures)

Per Day

Per Day

Per Week

Per Month

Per Year

X 10 mins


X 7 Days

X 30 Days

X 360 Days

























































AS YOU are now, where will YOU be on Retirement?

68% will immediately need social Service Benefits

19% will get concessional Social Service Benefits

9% will be reasonably comfortable

4% will be most comfortable

Where will you be ????

Congratulations on taking the first step ----------

You now have the Unique  Opportunity when you could make up to $20,000 PLUS a Month with no Stress or Problems  ----- you don't have to dress up ----- you can be sitting on the "toot" in Darwin if you wish ----- you can be in your pyjamas ----- you can be anywhere doing what you like, because no one will see you.

You have seen 1900 Telephone Numbers in all the papers you come in contact with  ----- you've seen and heard them on the Radio and TV.

You will receive for $738 everything you need  ----- You won't miss out on ANYTHING ----- YOU'LL have everything to go into battle with  "The Bloody  Monster". DO NOT  allow any FIRM con you into running your 1900 business for you  --- you'll receive much less profits and cleverly get robbed -----

How can you ever miss ----- you are on such a winner  ------

WE  DO  IT  ---  YOU CAN DO IT !  It's EASY --- (no brains required --- believe me)

We have been doing 1900 telephone numbers for many years successfully and well & all we can say to you is it's a Hugh Thing  ----- a Bloody Monster  -----  and what we do today is only the tip of the Iceberg  -----  to-morrow ----- "God" help us ----- it will be much greater.

We are most passionate about 1900 Telephone Numbers and YOU  WILL  BECOME  THE  SAME.

You'll be like a "Fart in a Pickle Bottle" -----  bouncing everywhere and making good PROFITS ----- and thoroughly enjoying yourself  -----  with no stress or stain ----- just PROFIT ----- frankly I don't think you know the joys you are going to experience !

The 1900 Telephone Numbers is absolutely unlimited with usage ----- there Radio, TV, Newspaper, Your own affiliated Clubs, the Daily Newspapers (and here you will find three fantastic columns to use) ----- and there is so much  more in the pipe – line.

You will learn the complete Nuts & Bolts of the 1900 Telephone Numbers in about 2 or 3 hours with our comprehensive MANUAL -----  It's dammed good ----- It's What We Used Ourselves ----- there's no hold-backs ----- just the straight guts on  How to do it – How to run it – How to make Profits  ----- & believe me , it's Simple and Easy.

If you want to know how to handle anything in THE MANUAL where this business is concerned  -----  IT'S  easy, phone or email us ----- we are very punctual people.  You can't  miss.

After three years of working my guts out --- I saw Bill Grey's advert and joined up with him --- did exactly what he told me to do and now my income fluctuates between $6,000 and $8,000 a month and it only took me 9 months to do it. What Bill Grey taught me changed everything for me.

Rex Lochart. Eden. NSW

Did  You  Know:  

A new customer is born every minute ----- there are Hundreds of Thousands more customers than 1900 telephone number operators ----- so get into it and don't leave money on the table.

Did  You  Know:

A 1900 Telephone Number  Business is COMPLETELY Depression Proof.

Did  You  Know:

A 1900 Telephone Numbers is a Huge Business ----- It's a Bloody  Monster and very easy to run and establish.

Did  You  Know:

That with a  1900 Telephone Number Business you should never suffer from Stress or the 7.30 AM rush to work syndrome etc.

Did  You  Know:

That  your 1900 Telephone Number Business, if you ever wanted to sell it would be very valuable to you .

Did  You  Know:

We've been in the "1900 Telephone Number Business" for 12 Very Prosperous Years Now and fully understand the facts etc to make the business a great paying opportunity for anyone starting up and working Full or Part time ----- We call it the "Bloody  Monster ", because it is exactly like that, and if you want a Lifestyle of easy simple work this is it --- believe me. 

Your business could NEVER HURT ours  or ours HURT YOU ----- the Market Place is to BIG -----  It's a huge thing , a Bloody Monster and getting bigger by each day.


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THIS  IS  WHAT  YOU  GET  FOR  $738  -----  

1.  A Complete Top  Manual on 1900 Telephone  Numbers  ----- there is no padding - huff or puff - JUST pure 1900 Telephone Business ----- you can digest every word  & it's in straightforward English and  easy and simple to use ----- It's what we use ourselves.

2.  A TOP Guarantee ----- Why Not.

3. If you NEED US --- PHONE or EMAIL US  ----- for anything  -----  to us there is no such thing as a silly question.

4. We will be Mates forever and to me that's worth many many thousands ------ Good mates because we can't hurt each other

5.  You will also receive THREE  BOOKS  & YOUR  TAROT CARDS.  Completely  FREE

The THREE  books are entitled  "How to build your business TREMENDOUSLY by Your Telephone" (it's more than just saying HELLO ) .  We use it always.

AND  "The Basic Concept to Making a Fortune "  This is a new slant on making a second income by controlling your first business income  We use this and prosper also

AND "How to write a Classified Advert that Pulls People IN ---- this is a classic book full of great info ----- you'll love this one.

AND  "The "Approx THREE HOUR  TAROT CARD COURSE ---includes Tarot Card Thesis and Card Spreads for you to choose and use ----- this was designed by me 12 years ago and we still use it ----- it's fantastic ----- hard to believe - -BUT  TRUE .  No problems  at all and an honest and genuine way to tell the Truth of the Cards  and so easy to learn 
Get into the "Psychics" whatever you DO ----- It's the Monster of all, all Monsters.  

These PLANS will  make your business HUM ----- (and YOU too!)

Included are the most successful PLANS towards running YOUR Business Success

You  won't  manage  without them -----  believe me !

Psychological  Method  Management  Plan

Evaluation  Plan

Personal  Development  Plan

Business  Plan

Review Plan

Click here to order


Don't gamble with YOUR  LIFE ----- become an INVESTOR in yourself and INVEST in YOUR  LIFE !!!!!  ----- IT'S  WORTH  IT


THESE  ARE  SUGGESTIONS  TO CONSIDER IN  USING YOUR  "1900 TELEPHONE NUMBER  BUSINESS" ----- There are literally thousands of ideas to follow ----- think them UP yourself and always study the Newspapers ----- IT WILL HAPPEN !!!!! Believe me

Did you know that your White Pages has 1900 listings?  Even though you pay yearly in advance (I believe they now have a system of paying over 3 or 4 months)  there is nothing like Phone Directory Advertising --- they are quite inexpensive compared to the Media.  There's so much areas to place your 1900 adverts --- We know a chap who handle AA very well - just THINK ABOUT IT !.

Your own Psychic Line  ----- Counselling  Line ----- Technical  Support  -----  Government Contracts ----- Law  Line  -----  Live Financial Line ----- Business Advice Consulting -----  Always remember Bill Grey telling YOU that where there's room for ONE  THERE'S  room for TWO ---- and where there's TWO there's room for THREE  ----- AND ON  &  ON  & ON & ON -----  NO one  has  a MONOPOLY  ON  YOUR  BUSINESS  ---- and there are many more great profit making and simple and easy methods to make money.

We did a lot of Counselling - it is amazing the number of people who only have 1 or 2 questions to answer and are prepared to pay $40/$50 for the answer (much cheaper and quicker with no waiting time).

We enjoyed Marriage, Depression and Stress, Smoking, after Separation Gambling, Grief, Panic, Weight Control, Abuse etc.  These subjects are very easy to get full information on (you don't need a course and you are not breaking the law and you don't have to join an association).

There are so many more areas here to be covered and let me assure you not only is it more than interesting, but very straight forward and easy to achieve.


NOW  LET'S  LOOK  AT  THE  MONEY  INVOLVED  IN  THIS  BLOODY  MONSTER ----- you may have used the 1900 Services somewhere in your life BUT  YOU  HAVE  NEVER  estimated in your mind  the money that can be made by these Numbers -HAVE  YOU !  ----Well study the Money Chart  on  Page 2----- it's honest and above board ----- we use it in our business.

I believe in being the Dearest Person  in the business because more people always look for the dearest --- -- it's a psychological Australian problem ------ "WE  BUY THE  DEAREST  IT  MUST  BE  THE BEST" ----- you've done exactly that hundreds of times - haven't you !!!!!

O.K.  Let's consider the Psychic Line, you can't charge more than $5.50 a minute (50cents is GST) the break down is YOU receive approximately $3.00 a minute and YOUR service provider and Telstra (includes no bad debts to you - Telstra has a good formula to handle this problem well).  They get  approximately  $2.00  split between the TWO of them.

We use the Tarot Cards in our psychic reading because the Tarot Cards are the only honest genuine and sincere  way  to tell the client the truth ----- you are not pulling duffgen (useless information) out of space -----this Course is FREE to You , you will learn it well in approx 3 Hours study, and that's not hard ---- we include a Tarot Card Thesis and five Card Spreads for you to select from to use -----. You'll be amazed at the simplicity  ----- and it is another string to your bow. And as for the big Bikkies it brings IN ----- WOWIE !!!!!.

Do you think advertisers would continually advertise and spend that kind of money week in and week out if they were not getting fantastic money out of it. OF course they wouldn't !!!!!

You've seen the BIG adverts in the Womens Magazines ----- New Idea ---- Womans Weekly ---- Womans Day all the big Newspapers  ----- YOU can get your advert there if you want to graduate into that Bull Ring ----- It's called graduating up to that area and you can do it if you follow The Manual ----- believe me !

This the KEY TO IT ALL ----- read and re read this (I'd also suggest reading this letter several times at different times of the day)  -----  Make notes and then ask me to explain them to you. THIS  IS  WHERE  THE  BIG  MONEY  IS  (02  9971 8093)

You will be trained in how to push up you timings in the phone calls ----- from the average of 10 minutes to average 20/25 minutes . That's  EASY.  But a tremendous amount of people don't do it at all ----- I don't think  they have been well trained in the methods ----- anyway there loss is your gain  ----AND YOUR PROFIT WILL DOUBLE.

You will be trained in how to use 1800  and 1300 numbers in your business. ------ and the great difference these two direct numbers can add to your Profit Results will stager you, ---  O K  ----- if you are going to be on deck why not expand into these 2 Great  Revenue  Producers ----- More  Money  & PROFIT for YOU !!!!!

DO NOT  FALL for the THREE  CARD  TRICK of allowing any Service Provider to control your business in the use of other 1900 Numbers ----- THAT IS FATAL!!

You don't have to use a Service Provider  in your own State ----- you can use a Service Provider in any State ----- this can save you big money ----- always get at least 4 quotes for your 1900 number and analyze the pros and cons of each one ----- remember they all do the same JOB.


Age and Sex, a Pensioner, a Bed-ridden person who can answer the phone from their bed, a person in a Wheelchair, a DVA Pensioner,  etc  is certainly NO  BARRIER  to making GOOD MONEY by their own efforts with The 1900 Telephone  Number  Business.


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1. We advertise (classified) in ALL the Metropolitan Papers in Australia in The Psychic Column , 7days per week. It's cheap & most effective & very popular. Average time of these calls is 20 minutes which makes us approx $62 & we carry no bad debts.  It is of interest to note that this can be done PART  TIME

2. PHONE TALK in every Metropolitan Paper in Australia with a beaut 3 line classified advert that pulls them in for the phone talk --- anyone can do this -  just think up a topic to talk about and you are MAKING  MONEY --- These can be done PART TIME  as well. Will help you if required.

3. We use our  domestic phone & advertise a PAY LATER advert & we charge a flat rate of 20 minutes for $45 (a little more time to our regulars).  You'll be amazed at the number of these calls you will get & these folk are very honest ---- good fruit for the sideboard.

4. We also run "Contests" for Small Business, easy to phone people to suit in the Yellow Pages ---  You'll be amazed  at the use of a  1900 Number in these business  TO SMALL for  most operators to do BUT great  for us.

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All you need is a Land Line telephone, your Telstra charges to create your 1900 number and a small monthly fee (you will be getting calls from Regional and all over Australia ----- I frankly think it is cheap compared to your profits.  We make a reasonably High income each year ---- YOU  CAN TOO !!!!!

Work in the next 4/6 months towards employing Sub-contractors.

I can' t stress upon you learning the " TAROT " or as we here call it the Tarot Line ----- we learnt how to do a great reading in approx 3 hours -----  and it has never let us down, this is evidenced in the great number of repeat clients that we have --- you will get to know them by their name.  Believe me our way to learn the Tarot Cards  is worth a fortune for you , and it only  takes approx 3 hours to learn them well,----- so what we do is give you the complete way we do it, and it's FREE to  YOU all you have to do is study  it ----- place it where we tell you and your in business -----

Let me reassure you  -----  YOU WILL HAVE NO PROBLEMS IN CONDUCTING A  1900 NUMBER BUSINESS ----- We did it -----  YOU CAN IF YOU TRY. O.K.

It's a  Huge Thing -- IT'S A BLOODY  MONSTER -- and so easy & simple to run.  You can do other things separately  as well ---- There is just so much to be done with 1900 numbers.

Not only will you receive "YOUR MANUAL " (the same as we use in our business) We call it The Nuts & Bolts Manual for making Money from your 1900 telephone number, 


will also get a fantastic book written by us , on  "How  To Build  Your  Business Tremendously By Telephone ". You will create Selling  Professionalism, even if you know nothing about  Telephone Sales -----

We still use this Thesis  it will open your eyes ----- it's not picking up the phone and saying  HELLO ----- you will have immediate results from this Thesis  forever & forever  ----- it's fantastic - you will never see any thing like this anywhere --- & it's FREE to YOU.

ALSO You will receive our Book "How to write a classified advert that P U L L S".

There's another Thesis I'd like you to have with your order ----- we again use the principles  -----  It's called "THE BASIC CONCEPT FOR MAKING  A FORTUNE". -----  When one makes money they must not waste it  ----- It tells you how to handle and control your money.  So why not increase YOUR income dramatically ---- there's no deadwood here ---- you can immediately conclude that your chance of making a Fortune, in fact possibly a very big one, can be greatly enhanced by properly applying a simple, but very basic concept.  You can start NOW, immediately, you'll be amazed, very amazed, at the simplicity ----- it's so beneficial for you and yours.  &  It's  FREE to  YOU.

Need Us ---- just Phone Us -----  we  honestly  expect your calls & everything you talk about is to us HIGHLY  CONFIDENTIAL.

Well I hope this helps you to make a decision, the total cost from us to you is only $738 posted to your HOME ----- and you have the genuine opportunity to become a MILLIONAIRE ----- It's just that  Simple and Easy

It's strongly suggested to read this letter 2 or 3 times --- even the NEXT  DAY !!!

You will find that we cover the following very well in "The  Manual"

To run your 1300 or 1800 Numbers you will need a Merchant Account with your bank ----- for Mastercard --- and --- Visa --- services.  To get a 1300 or 1800 number full information from Telstra or Service Provider.

How to register your Business Name with the Government ----- not necessary if Christian or Surname is used  ------ but check your own State for full particulars.

How to use a cordless phone to your advantage.

Where to purchase inexpensive first class Stop Watch 

Where to purchase simple equipment to TAPE phone calls if required .

Eftpos Standard ----- Eftpos Mobile ----- Full  Details on these items in "THE MANUAL" ---- Most handy with 1800 & 1300 Phone Calls ----- we couldn't do without one of them.  They are handled by YOUR Bank,  Clears your Bank Cards at drop of your hat --- So no bad debts.

I would like to offer my findings to the 1300, 1800 numbers OR just using your straight telephone number or all 3 ----- we  are prepared to do a Reading and the client sends the cash next day (this needs qualifying with client first).  We have never had  ( approx )  more than a 5% loss on our activities with this so with our high fee and excellent turnover  we just absorb it and feel a wee bit sorry for  those folk.  We are prepared  to do a Flat Rate Call of 20 minutes for $45 - they send the money next day . It builds up another honest approach  business within your BUSINESS where you AVERAGE OUT. We have so many things LINKED  to each other  that we have MORE than a highly paying business ---Wait until YOU get into it ----- YOU'LL  Love it ----- BELIEVE  ME  !!!!!

These are all necessary to the running of YOUR  BUSINESS GRADUALLY and are well covered in " THE  MANUAL" ----- THEY  ARE ALL HIGHLY PROFITABLE  as your BUSINESS EXPANDS..

What we have done in this Thesis is put on paper what we do and have done 
in the past 12 years in  this business  and relate them to YOU!

 This is too good to refuse ----- DO  IT  N O W  !!!!!. OK.

 Bill  Grey.

PEACE !!!!!

 P S.  I  Am Not A  Used  Car  Salesman !!
I  Am a damned good 1900 operator 



 WELL  TRAINED  (like us)

To people who are not aware of the Gap ---- 
It's where you commit SUICIDE  in Sydney

I'm a great believer in the axiom of

Can You Afford Not to Make Money??

You know there is no good reason
NOT to try it, is there?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a 1900 telephone number?

A. A 1900 number is used by people to sell information for a set fee to a person desirous of using that service.

The timing and charges are made by Telstra, through a Service Provider, once per month.  Telstra charges you 6% for bad debts.  The Service Provider pays you monthly.

Tell me - Can you afford NOT to make money?  I know of no other way to make HUGE money daily.

Q. What sort of money am I looking at to start up a 1900 phone number business?

A. Total amount approx $1,188 (or if on easy terms, then total is reduced by $370 and balance spread over 4 months as explained to you, with Interest FREE Terms - if required)  This is broken up into $738 for the 1900 Manual (we call it the 'Bible'), and approx $350-$550 for your Service Provider who handles all your 1900 business affairs (and pays you monthly) for all times - it's a flat, one-up fee.  Say we average the Service Provider at $450 (or on terms, over 4 months, $818 to start). 

So there it is, you now have a business showing huge profits with low overheads for under $1,200.  We don't know of any other genuine business to set up at such a low price.

Q. Did you know you could pay for this business using a Bank Card?

A. Yes, many people do and make a grand success.  They make huge profits, have low overheads, are at home, and never see anybody.

Q. Can I work it Part-time?

A. Yes, definitely - just alter your adverts.  Many people do part-time very successfully.

Q. Can I really make money with the business whether I live in the city or country?

A. Definitely YES - the sky's the limit.  Your client wouldn't know where you live.  It's such a huge business.  You'll find yourself making good money from your endeavours - and you can make good money with your endeavours part-time as well.

Q. Do I need any special skills, education, knowledge or experience?

A. Not at all - you never see a customer.  Follow 'the Bible', everything is fully explained for you, or you can email or phone us - we are here every day.

Q. Do I need any rented office space?

A. No - not even at home, work off a small table or your knee.

Q. Will I need any special equipment?

A. Except for a $10 stopwatch everything is supplied by your Service Provider.

Q. Do I have to wait for a long time to start up?

A. No - when your 1900 number is confirmed, just phone your advert through and you're up and running.

Q. Can I get free advice from you?

A. Yes, always - we expect you to do exactly that.  We love to hear from you at all times.

 Q. Bill, what's the catch?

A. We are not offering you a get-rich-quick scheme or promise you overnight fortunes.  This is a huge business (please believe me) with huge profits, low overheads and [usually] work at home.  There are no catches - we've done it for 12 prosperous years.

Q. Can I trust you to do your part?

A. Yes, you definitely can - remember, we've been at this for 12 prosperous years.  We certainly are not a fly-by or illegal organization.  We also are members of Warringah Chamber of Commerce, JP, etc.

Q. What happens if I run into a problem?

A. Phone us immediately - we like the 'human' touch.  We know 99.9% of the answers with 1900.

Q. Won't the market get saturated?

A. No, never - it's impossible.  Too many products, too many papers to advertise in - you are in a complete depression-proof business.

Q. Do I need any stock?

A. No - unless your activities demand it.  We don't carry any.

Q. What about Government Laws etc?

A. There are always Government rules and regulations - they never miss.  But as a Sole Trader, other than using a 'registered' name (not your own), you will need (in NSW) to contact Department of Fair Trading for forms, and you'll need an ABN number (a phone call for this).  You can always have a nickname.

Q. I don't want to quit my job - all I want is about $500-$800 per week.

A. You can completely control your income.  You could use 'sub-contractors' during your work time and pay them well - there are a lot of single Mums and Dads out there and you still reap a good income.

Q. If I choose to do the Tarot Cards, how do you help me?

A. When I started 12 prosperous years ago, I knew nothing, absolutely nothing, about the Tarot Cards.  I developed a very quick and easy way to learn, and learn well, in approx 3 hours.  You just lay the 'method cards' and select a standard spread - just like we do and you'll give a top reading all for approx $3.00 per minute TO YOU!

Q. My wife is at home with the kids - we need extra money NOW!

A. OK, great - you work, she looks after the kids.  Say she achieves only 3 phone calls a day - that's 3 x 20 minutes average = 1 hour.  This time is spread throughout the day - she will make $180 per day (60 minutes x $3.00) over 6 days = $1,080 - probably better than you earn and your worries are over.  And, it's simple and easy.

Q. Do I get a guarantee?

A. Yes, you do - it's a top guarantee of money back (see Manual for details).

Q. Is your Manual for 1900 complete for my needs?

A. Yes, to 99.9%.  It covers every facet you could experience.  You also receive with the Manual:

(a) Your approx 3hr fabulous Tarot Course;
(b) All the spreads we use (includes our 14 card spread);
(c) The Basic Concept for Making a Fortune;
(d) How to Build Your Business by use of Telephone; and
(e) How to Write a Classified advert that Pulls.

Absolutely wonderful books etc for you to prosper well from - you'll love them as we do.

Q. Do I need a Business Plan?

A. Yes - you will never manage without one to manage your business.  We send you what we use and also you will receive:

(a) Psychological Method Management Plan;
(b) Evaluation Plan;
(c) Personal Development Plan; and
(d) Review Plan.

Absolutely necessary for your success - they tackle the crunch for Huge Profit Making.

Q. Will you help me with writing my Classified advertisement?

A. Yes - we will write 3 or 4 winning adverts for you to choose from.  They usually run 3 or 4 lines - great Killer Headline and USP (Unique Selling Proposition) all to help you make unbelievable money.

Q. I'm bed-ridden or use a wheelchair.

A. No trouble at all - if you can use a telephone, say "Hello, how can I help you", be polite, then there is no reason why you can't make good money.  No one ever sees you, do they!

Q. Can I employ Sub-contractors?

A. Yes - but be well advised as to Laws affecting their employment to be on the safe side.

Q. Will I need a Bank Card/MasterCard/Visa?

A. It opens a new world for you and wonderful to have.  Frankly, I consider their use cheap. Use the Eftpos - no bad debts.  Approach your Bank Manager for details.

Q. Can I increase the time of a phone call and increase my income?

A. Yes, it's easy to double your average time from 10 minutes to approx 20-25 minutes - we teach you the very simple way to achieve this goal.  Always remember, you only make money when you're on the telephone so learn this business asset quick.

Q. How do I work out prices to charge?

A. We have a simple philosophy here - we believe in being the dearest.  Most people look for the dearest and say "if we buy the dearest, it must be the best".  You've done exactly the same before, haven't you?

Q. Can I sell my business?

A. Yes you can, and depending on the size will be the price.  Not many are sold because of their huge profits.  You'll be amazed at the price you'll get.

Q. Say I get a feeling to go to the country to live?

A. Easy, as long as you have a domestic phone you just take your number with you.  You could be in the centre of the Simpson Desert with your landline phone - no one ever sees you!

Q. How big can I become?

A. Just take two weekly magazines - New Idea, Women's Day for example.  To place a 1/4 coloured page in the Clairvoyant area will cost you, with GST approx, up to $8,000 and need forward booking of approx 3 weeks.  Every week the same adverts appear - $8,000 divided by top charge of $3.00 = 2,666 phone call minutes or 45 hours just to cover costs of $8,000.  Also approx every newspaper has Tarot Card Classifications and there's 7 states in Australia.  To think of becoming a millionaire is a reasonable possibility using our Nuts & Bolts Manual the same as we do every day.

Well, no doubt you have other questions to ask - just give us an obligation-free phone call and you'll get a correct, honest answer.  What we've done is put onto paper what we have done for the past 12 years in our business and relate them to YOU!  PEACE!!!

You know if you really think about this, most profitable method of making fantastic money, part or full time, there is NO GOOD reason NOT to try it, IS THERE?



Order Form


Interest Free Terms. 
Basis: ˝ deposit = $370
Balance 4 months
1st month free (allows your settling down etc)
The following 3 months at $123 per month (approx $29 per week)

We find this is an excellent way to help you get the 1900 on the road !
Ease into it gently !

Of course, we do accept and receive the total amount.

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(Confidential  Details )Please send me one Copy of “Your 1900 Telephone Numbers BUSINESS” And your Three  FREE additions.  

1.  How to build your business tremendously by telephone.
2.  The Basic Concept For Making A Fortune.
3.  How to write a Classified Advert  that  PULLS (what to say and how to say it)


4. Learning The Tarot Cards in approx Three Hours With Special Spreads & System


Cheques / Money Orders / Cash: 

Please make payable to William H Grey and mail to:
PO Box 117, Dee Why NSW 2099, Australia

If sending cash, please wrap it in paper.

Don't forget to include your email address.

Direct Deposit Payments:

Bank: ANZ
Account Name: William Grey
BSB:  012 280
Account Number: 5882 34966

Please advise payment by faxing/posting the receipt.

Credit Card Payments:

By Phone:
Please phone your credit card details to: 02 9971 8093

By Fax:
Please print this form, fill it out and fax to: 02 9971 4018

By Mail:
Please print this form, fill it out and mail to:
William Grey, PO Box 117, Dee Why NSW 2099, Australia

By email:
Please email your credit card details to: e2easy@bigpond.com  

Card type:

[    ] Visa     [    ] Mastercard

Name on card:

Credit card number:



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