Opportunity does not announce its presence with a bugle call or piano prelude. It doesn’t rattle its warning like a snake, or taps us on the head if we are dozing, It usually comes softly, unheralded, offering no more than a whispered hint that you may seize if you will.

The lesson that emerges from all this is that we should all develop a sensitivity to the presence of opportunities.

By increasing our knowledge and preparing while we wait, we will be increasing our possibilities for recognizing opportunities. Let’s take the blinkers from our eyes, throw away the field glasses and watch carefully every time we hear or see anything that even hints of opportunity for financial reward. The big problem to – day is not to determine if opportunity exists, BUT where opportunity exists !!!!!



Good, Honest Income
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The book will show you how you can run a high profit, low overhead small business of your own choice, either part or full time from your home so that you may earn very good money each week and by working extra hours, your return should be much greater.

The book contains 150 proven and intelligent methods of earning extra income - all of these can be carried out from your home.  There are methods that will suit everyone and many that will suit you.

It can be guaranteed that you will be more than satisfied with the book, which to the individual or family provides a way to future financial security.

Note These Important Facts

§ There is nothing difficult - if I can do it, you can too

§ You need outlay little money

§ There is no interference with your normal employment

§ The procedure is easily understood by anybody

§ My free advice and guidance is at your service

§ Expansion methods are set out

§ Basically no financial risk

§ No telephone required (but handy)

§ Little or no stock is required

§ No canvassing is required

§ You work from home

§ Many leading Australian and Overseas Newspapers have read and approved my book

§ The purchasers of my book have the opportunity of earning around $26 - $60 per hour or more

Easy-to-read and easy-to-understand. 
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This book is concise, TO - THE – POINT and PRACTICAL ------PLEASE don’t order if you’re looking for a fat book hundreds of pages long, FULL OF FLUFF and HYPE
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YES -- we and our family use the ideas in this book and reap the excellent Rewards
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Business --- Know what --- YOU CAN DO IT TOO – believe me !!!!!

And you will greatly improve the quality and style of your life – you’ll be far happier –
And you’ll eat good tucker on your table ----

I’m a great believer in the Axiom ----- “TRY & FAIL but NEVER FAIL TO TRY”

We know because we converted our Spare Time Business from Home into roaring franchise business’s. (even our family does it & are most successfull). There is no reason why you can’t start out small – develop and understand the workings and be like us START a Franchise Business and get amongst the BIG MONEY !!

We are here to help you get the best value from your purchase ----- from overseas please remember that Sydney Australia is approx 10 hours in advance to Greenwich Mean Time so calculate from where you live to GMT add on 10 hours & phone or Fax or email & we will reply to you in approx 12 to 24 hours.

on e2easy@bigpond.com (or phone – fax – letter)
and NOT, repeat N O T, paydotcom.com

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“The Basic Concept for Making a Fortune”

It’s a very simple, yet extremely positive method, to increase your income dramatically that I saw in an Magazine about 41 years ago --- It took my eye and I applied it to my life and have done remarkably well with the Concept and use it every day --- there is certainly nothing complicated about it.

I have found the Concept absolutely remarkable, I love it --- and hope you will to !

I would like to present you with the concept, which is quite FREE, that you will receive with your order.

Incidentally I have kept the advert and it reads as follows:-

“The Basic Concept for Making a Fortune”

Why not increase your income dramatically. There is no deadwood here --- you can immediately conclude that your chance of making a fortune, in fact, possibly a very big one, can be greatly enhanced by properly applying a simple but very basic concept, You can start NOW, immediately ----- you’ll be amazed, very amazed, at the simplicity

We Strongly Believe In


1. Is it the truth ?
2. Is it fair to all concerned ?
3. Will it build good will & better friendships ?
4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned ?

and our answer to them all is FIRMLY "Y E S"

About Us …

(Only ENGLISH LANGUAGE is available.)

This book is designed for average folk to apply themselves to the plans and expand them very well --- we also know of folk that have commenced their own ‘Franchise Business’ and are doing remarkably, remarkably well.

I can always see my Dad quoting his most favourite piece of Philosophy to me – Son he’d say - ‘ The chance of a lifetime is only during the lifetime of the chance’ - and how true that is in all our ways ----- never overlook that . I strongly and sincerely believe in the ‘ 150 Spare Time Incomes from Home ‘ We have made Fantastic Profits over the years and other folk have also done remarkably well and there is certainly no reason why you can’t succeed the same way ----- you will start with one plan – work it for about 6 months – keep reasonable records if you wish to expand --- then start another plan and do the same thing ----- after about 6 months you see a remarkable change in your attitudes and ways --- you are now on the road to success.

If you have a large family or live in restricted conditions – your take-home-pay just covers the bills this book will give you a grand opportunity to work one – two- three of the plans (don’t bite off more than you can chew) and the food improves on the table
----- this will take about 6 months or so ---- your lifestyle will improve – never listen to folk who want to pull you down --- do it quietly and positively & become a winner.

I haven’t mentioned this before but I have sold over 65,000 copies of this book over the years and I can’t honestly recall any one wanting their money back --- I’ve received phone calls, emails , faxes , letters from successful folk to let me know of their success & how to expand their activities --- It’s a great feeling let me assure you.

My mind goes back to when the wife & I started out – we had 4 children – she always turned them out well & we really needed extra money and that’s how we started out –after about 6 months things expanded – the food table improved – I’d put my hand into my pocket and could jingle the extra money that we achieved.

We love this book – the children have now grown up – we all follow the ways and plans so well laid out and we Franchise certain plans --- Incidentally most of your money will be in CASH’

If you genuinely want to put the cherry on top of the cake ----- THIS IS IT !!!!!

Don’t you think your worth a little push in the right direction to become comfortably rich over time ??? IT’S UP TO YOU !!!!!

What I do is send you a friendly email in about 10 to 14 days enquiring of your progress – can we help – can we explain and after that you will get the email re your success approx every month

To you and your family I wish you all the very best in Peace – Health - Wealth - Joy -----
And hope that this letter will bring to us both a long and lasting friendship.

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